International Patient Centre

We understand the specific challenges facing international patients based in Athens-Piraeus or overseas and seeking medical treatment.
Our international patient co-ordinators can help you plan and organise all aspects of your visit to the hospital. Our priority is to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, and the service we offer as caring, confidential and respectful.

Conditions we treat

If you have any of the following conditions, a visit to our walk-in Clinic could be your best option for fast, effective treatment and advice:



ear problems

Heel pain

sore throat sprains and strains

chest problems

wound infections

abdominal pain

minor burns and scalds

insect and animal bites

minor head injuries

minor eye injuries

skin conditions

injuries to the back, shoulder


Clinical expertise and advanced technologies

We cover a whole range of healthcare needs, from fundamental out-patient services to treating conditions requiring complex multi-disciplinary care, requiring the support of our Intensive Care Unit.
Our highly experienced surgeons perform everything from straight forward procedures right through to highly complex surgery. Our orthopaedics service is one of the most comprehensive in the Greek private hospital sector.
The majority of our consultants are drawn from Europe’s top teaching hospitals, and some are leaders in their fields.
Our highly experienced nurses and clinical staff offer first class medical expertise complemented by real dedication and compassion.

The international patient co-ordinators can:

help you select the most appropriate medical treatment

arrange appointments and urgent admissions

co-ordinate your stay covering both your medical care and other requirements

help you with organising your payment

offer reassurance, especially to those who have travelled from abroad for treatment

High quality accommodation services

We know that being in a comfortable environment can help speed up a patient's recovery. That is why we offer a range of accommodation to suit different needs and tastes from individual, well appointed rooms through to suites with companion rooms

Language and cultural needs

We understand first-hand the language and cultural needs international patients are likely to have, including:

dietary requirements, including Halal-prepared and Kosher meals

religious considerations, for example there is a multi-faith worship room and we can provide prayer mats

translation services

Our walk-in and urgent care Clinic is open extended hours and on weekends